Lotus Scholarship

Lotus Scholarship Program

SYL Foundation is committed to creating opportunity and access to higher education. Immigrant students are assets to our communities and deserve our respect and support in their pursuit of post-secondary degrees. The Foundation’s Lotus Scholarship Program provides assistance to recently immigrated students in Washington’s King, Pierce and Snohomish counties. The purpose of the program is to give financial support to immigrant and refugee students who are pursuing post-secondary education, regardless of the students’ immigration status. ALL APPLICATION INFORMATION IS KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

Scholarship Amount:

$2,000 per year for two years and up to $3,500 for two additional years IF the student is enrolled in a four-year university for those two additional years. If a student remains enrolled in school for four consecutive years, the award could total $11,000.
The Lotus Scholarship is renewable for three years beyond the initial award year. It is our expectation that the scholarship will be utilized in four consecutive years, beginning with the year of the award. In rare cases, exceptions may be made.
Students who are eligible for two years of college funding through the Seattle Promise program may still apply for the Lotus Scholarship. They will not receive funding for their first two years of college but will be eligible to receive funding of $3,500 per year in their third and fourth years of college for a total scholarship award of $7,000 if they enroll in a four-year university during those years.
First year scholarship recipients who complete all program components will also receive a laptop computer.


Student attends high school in King, Pierce or Snohomish County and will graduate from high school in the year they are applying. We do not accept applications from students already in college.
Student is 21 years old or younger.
Student immigrated to the United States within the past four years.
Student plans to attend a community college, university, technical or trade school after graduating from high school.
Student participated or enrolled in a college readiness program (sample programs here – these are only samples and participation in other programs is acceptable.) Please contact us at coordinator@sylfoundation.org if you have questions.
Student must commit to participating in college persistence or other support program during college.
Student agrees to participate in a virtual interview.
Student agrees to participate in a Lotus Scholarship summer workshop.

NOTE: If you are an undocumented student, we have gathered information and resources here. Additional unaffiliated scholarship opportunities can be found here.

Summer Workshop

Each summer, Sheng-Yen Lu Foundation partners with College Possible Washington to offer an online, multi-day college preparation workshop to all first-year Lotus Scholars. We expect students to participate unless there are extenuating circumstances beyond their control. The workshop covers topics such as financial aid planning, study stills, course selection, and career preparation.

Application Process For New Applicants

  1. Gather all materials you will be required to upload as part of the application:
    • School transcript that shows classes taken and grades.
    • Demonstration of financial need through one of the following documents: FAFSA or WAFSA Student Aid Report; Family Income Tax Return; W-2; or DSHS Benefits Letter.
  2. Access the online application HERE when it becomes available each year, usually by early February.
  3. Request a Letter of Recommendation from a college prep teacher or advisor and provide their email in your application. They will be sent a separate link to complete the recommendation online. PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for ensuring that your recommendation is submitted. Please check in with your teacher or advisor prior to the due date.
  4. Complete and submit an online application by the due date. You do not have to complete the application in one sitting. You will be able to save your work without submitting and continue later.

Timeline For New Applications

  • Completed applications must be submitted by the due date noted in the online application, usually in late March.
  • Semi-finalist candidates will be scheduled for a virtual interview, usually in April or May. Please note that this is a competitive scholarship and not everyone who applies will be awarded a scholarship.
  • Candidates will be informed of the status of their application by late May or early June each year.

Renewal Application Process For Continuing Lotus Scholars

1.The renewal process will open in May each year. The renewal application will be completed online. All eligible Lotus Scholars will be notified by email. Please make sure we have your current contact information. You may send updates to coordinator@sylfoundation.org.

2. Gather all materials you will be required to upload as part of the application:

– School transcript that shows college classes taken and grades; and

– The name and email address of a teacher, college persistence advisor, advocate or school counselor who can comment on your level of motivation and external support. We want to ensure that you have the resources you need to stay in school. This person will be sent an email link with a few brief questions to complete online. Please check with your teacher/advisor BEFORE submitting their name and email address. PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for ensuring that the short form is submitted by the due date.

3. Complete and submit an online application by the due date noted in the application, usually in July. We will contact you with instructions to access the online renewal form. You will be able to save your work and return to it later to complete the application.

For questions about the application or renewal process, please email coordinator@sylfoundation.org.