Founder’s Items Auction

Founder’s Items Auction

Announcement: Founder’s Items Auction

On Friday, September 11th from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm in front of SYL Foundation’s temple office, numerous rare items from the Living Buddha Lian Sheng’s personal collection will be available for purchase. All proceeds will benefit SYL Foundation’s mission to advance quality health and education for all. Come take advantage of this unique opportunity to own one of these special items!

1) Intricately painted white Tara totem; 2) Tibetan human bone rosary; 3) Gem-inlaid wooden rosary; 4) Creamy green rosary; 5) Tibetan necklace and earrings; 6) Supreme dzi Tibetan necklace; 7) Beautifully carved Tibetan human bone rosary; 8) Golden writing of the High King Avalokitesvara scripture; 9) Embroidered dragon robe; 10) Intricately carved wood carving Aizawa

11) Colorful Swarovski rosary; 12) Master’s painting inlaid with gold; 13) Golden dragon robe; 14) Statue of a lotus boy; 15) Solemn white Tara totem; 16) Sapphire treasure rosary; 17) Refined prayer wheel; 18) Vajra pestle; 19) Beautifully carved 18 Arhats inlaid with gems; 20) 108 fine vajra inlaid crystals

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