Biannual Prayer Ceremony – Fall 2009

Biannual Prayer Ceremony – Fall 2009

Speech by Fo-Ching Lu, President of Sheng-Yen Lu Foundation

Lynnwood Convention Center, WA – The Sheng-Yen Lu Foundation is a new nonprofit public charity founded by Living Buddha Lian Sheng.  We strive to combine compassion and philanthropy with strategic grant-making to advance and promote better health and education for all.

This year we plan to take a strong step forward in promoting and advancing quality health and education for all.  We have launched a website <SYLFOUNDATION.ORG> and I encourage you all to visit the site for details on how we wish to proceed.

Even though we are just getting started, when news and images of typhoon Morakot’s devastation of Taiwan appeared, the Foundation could not simply standby.  When disaster strikes, emergency relief can often save lives and prevent further devastation, so we acted quickly and donated $20,000 US dollars to Taipei Ecomonic and Cultural Office (TECO) to assist in emergency relief efforts.  We also have a booth here today to help raise more relief funds.  All proceeds collected in our boxes will go to helping the Lotus Light Charity Society of Taiwan to continue to provide over 6,000 meals each day to disaster victims.

In the future, the Foundation hopes to join forces within the True Buddha School community to make a greater impact and accomplish more good.  A big thank you to Daden Publishing and Dasing for supporting the Foundation with their special fundraiser.  Let’s give a big round of applause for Wu Su-Mei and Lin Kai Fu.

Remember to visit our new website for updates and different ways to get involved.  Thank you!  Om a mi padme hom.

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