2023 Annual Report


“As an organization founded, led, and supported by immigrants, we at SYL Foundation believe that it is our collective responsibility to fight for universal human rights, including the right to safe and just migration.”

Annual Message from the President,

Fo-Ching Lu

Narges Mohammadi, the 2023 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize writes, “It is my belief that the globalization of peace and human rights is more fundamental and effective than the globalization of anything else.” With violent conflicts raging in many parts of the world, this statement could not be more true. According to the United Nations, we are witnessing the highest levels of displacement on record with over 110 million people forcibly displaced worldwide. As an organization founded, led, and supported by immigrants, we at SYL Foundation believe that it is our collective responsibility to fight for universal human rights, including the right to safe and just migration. Recognizing that international systems of oppression drive displacement, exploitation, and persecution, we are investigating how best to make meaningful investments to address factors that affect global migration, while staying committed to our local communities in Washington’s King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties.

We seek to better understand the global forces and systems that shape forced migration so that we can strive to upend them. This work is urgent, complex, and larger than any one organization (or even one nation) can take on. It requires all of us, and will take a generational – and multigenerational – commitment. While “the arc of the moral universe,” may “bend towards justice,” (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. & Theodore Parker), it still requires relentless progress to make justice a reality. I invite you to join us in this work as we endeavor to make the world a better – more welcoming and peaceful – place for all.

As SYL Foundation wraps up its 15th year of grantmaking, I am proud of what our team has accomplished. With your support, the Foundation has distributed a cumulative total of over $12 million dollars in grants, scholarships, and disaster relief aid. We are continually evolving our processes in our trust-based approach to supporting our grantee partners, paying special attention to investments that strengthen the nonprofit eco-system providing critical services to our communities. From covering real-time unanticipated needs with our Rapid Response Fund to supporting sabbaticals for BIPOC leadership and self-care workshops for frontline staff, SYL Foundation stands alongside our partners as they lead the charge in ensuring that our immigrant and refugee communities thrive. This year, the Foundation grew its community-led grantmaking efforts that place decision-making power entirely in the hands of our partners, directing support to smaller immigrant-led grassroots organizations that may not have access to traditional philanthropy. Then with the launch of the Justice Fund, investments were also made to advance longer term advocacy efforts effecting systemic change.

As always, I bow in deep gratitude to Foundation donors, staff, volunteers, and the True Buddha School community. Your support makes all the work detailed in this annual report possible. Thank you for your unwavering belief that access to health care and education are basic human rights, and joining us on this journey to make social, racial, and economic justice a reality. Om mani padme hum!


2023 年諾貝爾和平獎得主納爾吉斯·穆罕默迪
(Narges Mohammadi) 寫道:「我相信,和平與人權的全球化比其他任何事物的全球化都更加重要和有效。 」隨著世界許多地區暴力衝突肆虐,這句話的確正確。聯合國稱,我們正在見證有史以來最高的流離失所率,全世界有超過 1.1 億人被迫流離失所。作為一個由移民創立、領導和支持的組織,盧勝彥佈施基金會相信,爭取普遍人權,包括安全和公正的移民權,是我們的集體責任。我們意識到國際壓迫體制導致流離失所、剝削和迫害,正在研究如何最好地進行有意義的協助,以解決影響全球移民的因素,同時繼續致力於華盛頓 King、Pierce 和 Snohomish 各郡的當地社區。
我們力求更好地瞭解影響被迫移徙的全球力量和制度,以便我們能夠努力顛覆它們。這項工作緊迫、複雜且規模宏大,並超出任何組織(甚至一個國家)所能承擔的範圍。這需要我們所有人的承諾,並將此承諾傳承給後代。雖然「道德宇宙的弧線」可能「趨向正義」( 來源:馬丁路德金恩博士及西奧多·帕克)仍然需要不斷取得進展才能使正義成為現實。我邀請您加入這項工作,努力讓世界成為一個更美好、更受歡迎、更和平的地方。
在盧勝彥佈施基金會第 15 屆捐贈活動即將結束之際,我為大家一起所取得的成就感到自豪。有了大家的支持,基金會已累積發放了超過 1,200 萬美元的贈款、獎學金和災難救援幫助。我們以基於信任的方式不斷改進我們的流程,以支持我們的受贈合作夥伴,特別關注那些能夠加強為社區提供關鍵服務的非營利生態系統的組織。從利用我們的快速回應基金滿足即時的意外需求,到支援 有色人種 領導層的休假以及為第一線員工舉辦自我照護研討會,盧勝彥佈施基金會與我們的合作夥伴並肩作戰,帶頭確保我們的移民和難民社區蓬勃發展。今年,基金會加強了社區主導的撥款力度,將決策權完全掌握在我們的合作夥伴手中,為小型移民主導的慈善組織提供支援。隨後,在啟動正義基金以推動影響系統性變革的長期宣傳工作。
一如既往,我向基金會捐助者、工作人員、志工和真佛宗團體致以深深的謝意。大家的支持使得本年度報告中詳述的所有工作得以實現。感謝您堅定的信念,即獲得醫療保健和教育是基本人權,並加入我們,讓社會,種族和經濟正義成為現實。 唵嘛呢叭咪吽!

SYL Foundation by the Numbers (2023)

Board Member Message from

Huma Zarif

As a professional in the nonprofit sector and a former staff member at SYL Foundation-grantee Northwest Health Law Advocates, it has been wonderful serving on the board and learning more about philanthropy in general. It’s an honor to be part of a Foundation that is on the leading edge of philanthropy. Whether it’s working in partnership with the Washington Immigrant & Refugee Funding Collaborative or moving forward with a trust-based funding model, SYL Foundation takes action. As 2023 comes to an end and immigrant and refugee communities continue to face the fallout from the COVID pandemic and racism remains a public health crisis, we have our work cut out for us. I look forward to listening to, partnering with, and following the lead of impacted communities to provide the support needed in order for our immigrant and refugee communities and communities of color to thrive.

作為非營利部門的專業人士和本基金會的合作夥伴 Northwest Health Law Advocates 組織的前職員,我在董事會任職並了解更多有關慈善事業的知識,真是太棒了。身為處於慈善事業前沿的基金會的一員,我感到很榮幸。無論是與華盛頓移民和難民資助合作組織合作,還是推進基於信任的資助模式,盧勝彥佈施基金會都會採取行動。2023 年即將過去,移民和難民社區會繼續面臨新冠病毒大流行的影響,且種族主義仍然是一場公共衛生危機的情況下,我們還有很多工作要做。 我期待傾聽受影響社區的意見、與他們合作並跟隨他們的領導,為我們的移民和難民社區以及有色人種社區的繁榮發展提供所需的支持 。

“Dari and Pashto are not easy languages to find interpreters for but we had SYLF funding we could rely on so we could get interpreters in those languages.”

Grantee Spotlights

CAIR Washington

CAIR Washington is a non-profit advocacy organization that serves
the Muslim community within Washington State through free legal
services, civic engagement education, and community building. SYL
Foundation funding was able to help CAIR-WA respond to the influx of
Afghani refugees through their program, the Immigrant Justice Project
(IJP). “Dari and Pashto are not easy languages to find interpreters for
but we had SYLF funding we could rely on so we could get interpreters
in those languages,” says Noor AlSaleh, the director of Operations and
Philanthropy. CAIR-WA continues to perform community outreach
for newly arrived refugees in Washington State to assist the most vulnerable in the community. In reflection on the partnership between SYLF and CAIR-WA, Noor continued, “We can do what we think is best in the moment [in
response to immigration crisis] and know that the funding will support us.”

CAIR Washington 是一家非營利倡導組織,透過免費法律服務、公民參與教育和社區建設為華盛頓州的穆斯林社區提
供服務。盧勝彥佈施基金會的資金可幫助 CAIR-WA 透過其移民司法專案 (IJP) 計畫應對阿富汗難民的湧入。營運和慈
善事業總監 Noor AlSaleh 說:「達裡語和普什圖語口譯員不容易找到,但我們有可靠的盧勝彥佈施基金會資金幫助,因
此我們可以找到這些語言的口譯員,」。為了幫助社區中最弱勢的群體,CAIR-WA 繼續為新抵達華盛頓州的難民提供社
區服務。在反思盧勝彥佈施基金會和 CAIR-WA 之間的合作關係時,Noor 繼續說道:「我們可以放心的進行當佳的方式

API Chaya

API Chaya is a survivor-led non-profit organization focused on aiding
and serving the survivors of sexual and domestic violence and human
trafficking within immigrant and refugee communities. They center
diverse perspectives and marginalized communities, and in the past
year, served over 700 survivors and their families through programs
like free and culturally-relevant therapy, and support for survivors to
obtain visas, work permits, and citizenship.

API Chaya 是一個以倖存者為主導的非營利組織,
者獲得簽證、工作許可證和公民身份等項目,為700 多名倖存者以及其家人提供服務。

“The way SYLF interacts with its grantees is a lot more impactful in cultivating that relationship where it’s not transactional, it’s relational.”


Kandelia supports immigrant and refugee communities
through direct services while working to address
systemic inequities. Their approach centers youth
voices and celebrates each person’s values and
heritage. Sieng Douangdala, Kandelia’s Community
Engagement Manager, expressed her appreciation of
the partnership between Kandelia and SYL Foundation,
saying that the way SYLF interacts with its grantees is “a
lot more impactful in cultivating that relationship where
it’s not transactional, it’s relational.” Sieng emphasizes
the importance of connection: “Having that deep,
honest, and authentic conversation [about funding] not
as funder and grantee, but as human beings, is huge.”
Kandelia hopes to continue reaching more immigrants
and refugees, and providing them with comprehensive
support around education, job readiness, and language
and computer literacy.

Kandelia 透過直接服務支援移民和難民社區,並同時
的社區參與經理 Sieng Douangdala 對 Kandelia
和 盧勝彥佈施基金會之間的合作表示讚賞,並表示基金
會 與其受資助者的互動方式「對於培養非交易性、有聯
繫的關係方面更具影響力。」Sieng 在強調聯繫的重要
Kandelia 希望繼續接觸更多的移民和難民,並為他們提

“Having philanthropic partners like SYL Foundation gives us the freedom we otherwise don’t have to be responsive to community needs.”

White Center Community Development Association

The White Center Community Development Association (WCCDA)
is a community-based organization focused on empowering
the diverse residents of unincorporated White Center. The
organization promotes housing, economic development, health
care, youth programming, and early learning programs for
residents. They also focus on community-led policies to fight
for a more equitable economy that centers BIPOC voices, youth,
and small business owners. Interim Executive Director Aaron
Garcia, a lifelong White Center resident, is proud that WCCDA has
prioritized the experiences of local community members in their
hiring practices, saying, “it goes to speak to how our organization
centers our community. We believe the lived experiences of this community are valuable and we want to invest and
support those voices.” Garcia went on to say that, “Having philanthropic partners like SYL Foundation [gives us] the
freedom we otherwise just don’t have to be responsive to community needs.”

White Center Community Development Association(WCCDA)是一個社區組織,致力於為White Center區的多元
Garcia)是 White Center 的終身居民,他對 WCCDA 在招聘實踐中優先考慮當地社區成員的經驗感到自豪,他說:「這

“As a fellow with SYL Foundation, I was able to better understand the philanthropic field. It fulfilled me both professionally and personally as an activist who is dedicated to equity and systemic change.”

GIV Fellowship

Sophia Hounton 與 Jibril Ali-Halane GIV 研究員

The GIV Fellowship, an initiative of YouthRoots, partners with philanthropic foundations to connect under-represented youth with the philanthropic field through placement in host foundations. This year, SYL Foundation hosted two fellows, Jibril Ali-Halane and Sophia Hounton. Jibril is a junior at UW Foster majoring in Finance and Information Systems. Sophia is a junior at Seattle University majoring in International Studies and French. During his time as a fellow, Jibril researched and wrote a report exploring possibilities for funding projects addressing women and girls’ health, education, and empowerment in developing countries, and the root causes of migration. Sophia worked on expanding SYL Foundation’s Community-Led Grantmaking initiative which awarded grants to 18 local organizations serving immigrants and refugees as nominated by current and past grantees. Sophia said of her time with SYLF, “As a fellow with Sheng- Yen Lu Foundation in partnership with YouthRoots, I was able to better understand the philanthropic field. It fulfilled me both professionally and personally as an activist who is dedicated to equity and systemic change. SYLF was a perfect match for the kind of immigrant and refugee-focused work I want to explore in the future.”

GIV Fellowship(GIV獎助金)是由 YouthRoots組織發 起,與美國各地慈善基金會合作,透過主辦基金會的 安置,將少數名族的青年與慈善領域聯繫起來。今年, 盧勝彥佈施基金會接待了兩位實習生:吉布里爾·阿 里·哈蘭 (Jibril Ali-Halane) 和索菲亞·霍頓 (Sophia Hounton)。Jibril 是華盛頓大學福斯特商學院的大三 學生,主修金融和資訊系統。Sophia 是西雅圖大學大 三學生,主修國際研究和法語。在實習中, Jibril 研究 並撰寫了一份報告,探討資助用於解決發展中國家婦 女和女童健康、教育和賦權以及移民根本原因之專 案。Sophia 致力於擴大盧勝彥佈施基金會的社區主 導資助計劃,該計劃向由基金會的合作夥伴提名的 18 個服務於移民和難民的當地組織提供資助。在談 到她在基金會的時光,Sophia 說:「盧勝彥佈施基金 會的實習生,我能夠更好地了解慈善領域。作為致力 於公平和系統變革的行動主義者,它讓我在職業和個 人方面都頗有成就感。盧勝彥佈施基金會非常符合我 要在未來探索之以移民和難民為重點的工作。」

Lotus Scholar Spotlight

Aleena Aman Khan

Aleena is a freshman at UW Bothell studying Software Engineering as a recipient of SYL Foundation’s Lotus Scholarship. Aleena is from Pakistan, where her family lived near the Afghan-Pakistan border and where the presence of the Taliban hindered the ability of girls to attend school. When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, Aleena began learning computer science through a laptop. Then in 2021, when Aleena was halfway through her junior year of high school, she moved with her family to the United States. They were initially homeless before she helped her parents find organizations that assisted them with securing housing. Now established in Seattle and pursuing higher education, Aleena is continuing her studies in computer science. She participates in programs that promote the involvement and education of women in STEM such as the Cyber Security Career Fest for Women and the Women in Informatics Hackathon.

Aleena 是華盛頓大學博塞爾分校軟體工程專業的學生,她是盧勝彥佈施基金會的蓮花獎學金得主 Aleena 來自巴基斯坦,家在阿富汗和巴基斯坦邊境附近,那裡的塔利班不讓女孩上學。遭遇冠狀病毒大流行後,Aleena 開始透過筆記型電腦學習電腦科學。隨後於 2021 年隨家人移居美國,當時 Aleena 的高中生活已經過半。他們最初無家可歸,後來她幫助父母找到了可協助他們獲得住房的組織。Aleena 現在在西雅圖定居並接受高等教育,並繼續完成她的電腦科學學習。她參加了推動女性參與理工科 (STEM) 和教育的項目,例如女性網路安全職業節和女性資訊學黑客馬拉松。

15 years of grant making at SYL Foundation (2008-2023)

“You can fund BIPOC communities to work and to produce, but you also have the resources to fund our healing, our rest, our wellbeing, and that’s part of our mutual commitment to each other.”

Commitment to Sabbaticals

The BIPOC ED Coalition of Washington State is a coalition uniting over 200 BIPOC nonprofit leaders for a future that promotes the wellness of BIPOC nonprofit leadership with a sabbatical program awarding paid sabbaticals to BIPOC executive directors. Victoria Santos, Co-Executive Director of the Coalition says, “We believe that sabbaticals are critically important because they enable BIPOC leaders to rest deeply and reconnect with their vision and well-being while strengthening organizational capacity. BIPOC leaders are uniquely capable changemakers. When we invest in the health of our BIPOC leaders, we are investing in healthy futures and thriving communities across the state.” Brenda Rodriguez Lopez (pictured), the Executive Director of the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network (WAISN), was awarded one of the paid sabbaticals by the BIPOC ED Coalition. WAISN is a network dedicated to improving the wellbeing of immigrant communities in Washington State. She describes how the sabbatical was vital to her own health, saying, “There’s no we without the I. For all of us to be well, I need to be well and it’s okay for me to take a step back.” Not only was a sabbatical important for Rodriguez Lopez as an individual, but it also benefited WAISN as an organization: “WAISN is led by trans, queer, undocumented BIPOC and we come from communities where rest wasn’t an option. We needed to work, we needed to hustle. So for me it was really important as one of the executive directors to model rest, healing, restoration.” SYLF champions the BIPOC ED Coalition by funding its sabbatical program. Rodriguez Lopez emphasizes the importance of this kind of funding for organizations: “You can fund BIPOC communities to work and to produce, but you also have the resources to fund our healing, our rest, our wellbeing, and that’s a part of our mutual commitment to each other.”

華盛頓州 有色人種 ED 聯盟是一個由 200 多位有色人種非營利組織領導人的 聯盟,旨在透過為 有色人種 執行董事提 供帶薪休假計劃,促進有色人種非營利 組織領導層的健康。該聯盟聯合執行董 事維多利·亞桑托斯 (Victoria Santos) 表 示:「我們認為,休假至關重要,因為它使 有色人種領導人能夠深度休息,重新實現 他們的願景和福祉,同時增強組織能力 有色人種領導人是獨特且有能力的變革 者。當我們協助有色人種 領導人的健康 時,我們就是在協助全州的健康未來和繁 榮社區。」 華盛頓移民團結網絡 (WAISN) 是一個致 力於改善華盛頓州移民社區福祉的網絡, 該網絡的執行董事布倫達·羅德里格斯· 洛佩茲 (Brenda Rodriguez Lopez) 獲得 了有色人種 ED 聯盟授予的帶薪休假之 一。她介紹了為什麼休假對她自己的健康 至關重要,她說:「沒有我,就沒有我們。為 了讓我們所有人健康,我自己必須要照顧 健康。」休假不僅對 Rodriguez Lopez 個 人來說很重要,而且對 WAISN 組織也有 好處:「WAISN 由跨性別者、酷兒、無證件 的有色人種領導人,我們來自那些沒有機 會休息的社區。我們必須不斷的努力工 作。所以對我來說,作為執行董事之一,樹 立休息、治癒、恢復的榜樣非常重要。」 盧勝彥佈施基金會透過資助其休假計 劃來支持 有色人種 ED 聯盟。Rodriguez Lopez 強調了此類資金對組織的重要性: 「您們可以為有色人種社區提供資金來 工作,但您們也有資助我們的復原、休息、 福祉的資源,而這就是我們對彼此共同承 諾的一部分。」

SYL Foundation is proud to support the amazing work of all our 2023 grantee partners!

盧勝彥佈施基金會非常榮幸能夠支持所有 2023 年的合作夥伴!

2023 Organizations Receiving Funds

Afghan Health Initiative

Literacy Source

African Community Housing & Development

Living Well Kent Collaborative


Lutheran Community Services Northwest

Amigos De Seattle

Malawi Seattle Association

API Chaya

Medical Teams International

Asian American Journalists Association

Mother Africa

Asian Bar Association of Washington Scholarship Fund

Muslimahs Against Abuse Center

Asian Counseling and Referral Service

NAMI Seattle

Association of Zambians in Seattle

Neighborcare Health

Ayan Maternity Healthcare Support

Neighborhood House

BrightSpark Early Learning Services

Northwest Education Access

Byrd Barr Place

Northwest Health Law Advocates

Center for Asian American Media

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

Cham Refugees Community


Chinese Information and Service Center

Open Arms Perinatal Services

College Possible Washington

Open Doors for Multicultural Families

Columbia Legal Services

Oxfam-America Inc.

Communities of Rooted Brilliance

Pacific Islander Community Association of WA

Community Health Worker Coalition for Migrants and Refugees

Pacific Islander Health Board of Washington

Consejo Counseling and Referral Service

Para Los Niños

Council on American-Islamic Relations of WA State

Partner In Employment

Define American

Project Access Northwest

Denise Louie Education Center

Project Feast

East African Community Services

Promotores Network

Eastside For All

Puget Sound Community School

Eastside Legal Assistance Program

Refugee Women’s Alliance

El Centro de la Raza

Somali Family Safety Task Force

City of Redmond United Festival 2023

Somali Health Board

Entre Hermanos

The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas

Ethiopian Community in Seattle

The Tubman Center for Health & Freedom

Friends of Little Saigon

Tides Center

Global to Local Health Initiative

Together Center

Hawaii Community Foundation

University of Washington Foundation



Highline College Welcome Back Center

Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network

Horn of Africa Services

Washington Academy for International Medical Graduates

Indian American Community Services

Washington West African Center

International Community Health Services

West African Community Council

International Rescue Committee

White Center Community Development Association

Jack Straw Foundation

World Relief Western Washington


Youth Eastside Services

Kin On


Korean Community Service Center

Many thanks to all our donors & supporters for making this work possible!



Ada Chukkwan Lee

Adel Cetis

Agnes Chow

Ai LI Cheng

Aileen Felicia Inthisane

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Alfred Chen

Alfred Tran

Alvin Lee

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Chee Mei Yip

Chee Siew Tiang

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Chen Yung Wang

Cheng Tzu Ching

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Kwan Poo Ming (莲花保明)
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Lotus Joy

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Ng Hock Seng 蓮花福成

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Yang Li Ching 楊麗青/蓮花麗青

Yaobin Tang & Jiantao Liang

Yaping Luo

Ye Aili

Yetrssss 兆延 葉

Yi Xue

Yin-Li Su & Yichii Chen

Ying Ho Chan

Yiping Xie & Greg Gersuk

Yong Chin Foo

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Yu Leung Allen

Yu Min Lin

Yueh Yun Boetticher

Yuk Chu

Yun Que Luo

Yun S & Michael Pennington

Yun She Wen

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Zheng Dan Dan









威明堂 盧奇威



已故 莲花(云)志成


張光輝 (蓮花光輝)/Chang Kuang-Hui

My location









林惠湘 LH Lim Huey Shay

































院友妹 Yuan Yo Mei & 戴玉霞 Dai Yu Xia










Many thanks to all our donors & supporters for making this work possible!



世界真佛宗宗務委員會 True Buddha Foundation (Redmond, WA)

西雅圖雷藏寺 Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple (Redmond, WA)

彩虹雷藏寺 Rainbow Temple (North Bend, WA)

金剛雷藏寺 True Buddha Diamond Temple of NY Inc. (Flushing, NY)

真佛宗般若雷藏寺 Pabt Chen Foh Chong (Malaysia)

真佛宗心燈堂 Persatuan Penganut Agama Buddha (Malaysia)

真願堂 Association Culutelle Des Bouddhas-Verite (France)

英國真渡雷藏寺 London True Buddha Temple (United Kingdom)

密儀雷藏寺 True Buddha Society of Houston (Houston, TX)

SYL Foundation Leadership

H.H. Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Founder

蓮生活佛盧勝彥, 創辦人

Fo-Ching Lu, President

盧佛青, 總裁

Susan Yang, Secretary

楊雅婷, 秘書

Andrew Roberts, Treasurer 財務

Heather Edlund, Board Member理事

Dexter Kuah, Board Member 理事

Teresa Piersa, Board Member 理事

Huma Zarif, Board Member 理事

Rachel Allen, Vice President, Director of Programs & Operations

副總裁, 專案和運營總監

Our deepest gratitude to Founder, H.H. Living Buddha Lian Sheng, for his compassion, generosity, and infinite wisdom in guiding the mission of SYL Foundation!